Welsh Broadcasting Trust



Ymddiried is a registered charity, established to promote and support educational activities in relation to television, film, radio and digital services. Its aim is to expand and enrich the range of skills and experience of media professionals of the future for the benefit of viewers, listeners, and consumers in Wales.

The Owen Edwards scholarship is presented in memory of a notable former trustee who wascommitted to supporting individuals who wanted to make a contribution to the future of media in Wales. The main aim of the scholarship is to contribute to the professional development of an individual intent on pursuing their career and realize their ambitions, providing, as reflected by the generous sum offered, an unique and significant opportunity to innovate and make a lasting contribution to media culture and industry.

Who can apply

The successful applicant will be an ambitious and dedicated person who has already embarked on a career in the creative industries. He/she will need to demonstrate, proficiency, enthusiasm and determination to forge a new career path.

Applications for career development within television, film, radio and digital services will be considered; cross-sectoral training schemes which reflect multi-platform development are also welcomed.

We will support the professional development of creative skills; business/management skills or a combination of both.

The applicant will have lived in Wales for a minimum of five years.

Scholarship Funding

A maximum of £30,000 is to be made available to spend over a period of three years on a specific professional development activity. The total sum awarded will depend on the financial application presented – see application guidelines below.

The finance plan will be agreed with the successful applicant at the beginning of the scholarship period. The training scheme and the awardee’s development will be assessed annually.

Relevant studies/training opportunities

– higher level vocational course

– doctorate in subject area relevant to creative industries

– internship

– extended work experience within an established company or recognized institution

– internal formal training scheme within a company or recognized institution

The award can be used to fund a combination of any of the above if they form part of a clear personal and professional development plan.

We welcome plans which offer different approaches to training/development and do not necessarily follow formal training paths, for example the scholarship could be used to allow the individual to be released from work if the contribution to professional development aims is evident.

The training/educational/development activity does not have to take place in Wales.

Ymddiried will support the successful applicant by providing a personal mentor throughout the scholarship period.



There is no formal application form and you need to submit a comprehensive document which should include the following information :

– cv

– relevant skills and experience profile

– personal development plan with details of the relevance and suitability of the proposed activity/schemes – curriculum/work plan/course details

– details of the company/agency/institution where activity is to be undertaken; if the activity is an internship within a commercial company

relevant company information should be provided as proof of legal trading status.

– financial plan – training activity costs/living costs and expenses

– two personal references

The application should be around 5,000 words in length.

Applications can be emailed to : post@ymddiried.cymru