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Cinema Jam/NFTS short course ‘How To Be A Successful Producer’

I attended the Cinema Jam/NFTS short course ‘How To Be A Successful
Producer” at Tileyard Studios, King’s Cross in October 2017. The course
was an informal seminar based 2 day event by prolific producer, Stephen
Woolley (The Crying Game, Interview With A Vampire, Carol) based on
his 35 years’ experience as a film producer. Stephen took us through
each stage of film-making: Development; Finance; Shoot; Post-Production;
Sales & Marketing, in an ordered, but informal manner, pointing out that
each of these overlap and affect one another implicitly. Stephen added
much needed colour to proceedings by relaying personal anecdotes on each
part on films that most of us knew.
I loved Stephen’s open and reasonable manner. He was very candid and
indeed encouraged us to ask questions on each matter as they occurred to
interested in his ideas on Development and Finance, which he made very
simple, even though it seems very complex. He also took the frighteners
out of certain aspects of producing that have always put me off doing
so. It was interesting to hear his views on the EIS/SEIS schemes and how
they relate to his productions. I would certainly
recommend this course to anyone wanting to get a better insight into
high end cinematic film-making. I am applying this model to
my new company’s development strand, and hopefully it will work as well
as Stephen’s own model for his films.