Welsh Broadcasting Trust

Ymddiried’s Objectives

Who and what does the Trust support / What are our objectives ?

1. Participation in appropriate training or career development courses. They can be short courses, full-time or part-time. For example, scriptwriting writing workshops; specialist technical skills courses and business development courses.
2. Attendance of educational courses at higher degree level, but not degree courses or stage performance courses.
3. Travel grants to accredited festivals / markets.
4. Training bodies or companies that offer specific training / educational programmes.
5. Projects which enrich the cultural experience through the medium of television, film, radio and new media.

Please note that the Trust does not fund under-graduate entry to courses.

Ymddiried provides financial support to individuals wishing to improve their skills in television, film, radio and new media.

Ymddiried can give support to organizations which promote skills development and educational resources for the benefit of the media sector.